Amazon Product must have tiktok Floating light bulb #shorts

Amazon Product must  have tiktok Floating light bulb #shorts

To order floating light bulb:
Rubber Wood Base: The rubber wood base is round and smooth, with full texture. The center part of the base has a wireless charger function. When the power is on, the smart phone can be charged only by gently placing it on it.
Stable Iron Bracket: High light transmitting glass bulb, with stable iron bracket, making the whole desk lamp more three dimensional, more stable when placed on the desktop.
Magnetic Levitation Technology: Floating light bulbs adopt magnetic levitation technology, the bulb can be suspended in the air, wireless transmission function, stable and safe.
Power off Protection: With power off and suction protection, when encountering a sudden power off situation, the bulb will automatically be attached to the lamp holder, effectively avoiding the bulb falling and causing damage.
Explore Scientific Knowledge: Magnetic levitating light bulb is safe and fun, can stimulate children’s imagination, explore more scientific knowledge, will bring them many surprises.

To order floating light bulb:

Tiktok credit: @heartdefensor