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10 Reasons to NOT be Excited for EDC Las Vegas

The closer we get to the return of the annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, the more people come into town and spew all over social media how excited they are. The festival is awesome, yeah, but hardly anyone talks about the drawbacks of the three-day celebration. This list is a compilation of ten […]

The Do Lab Announces 10th Anniversary Lineup At Coachella

If your April plans already include a trip to Coachella, you’re in luck! The Do Lab has just revealed the lineup for its tenth anniversary celebration at the famed southern California music and arts festival. The Do Lab stage is easily recognizable each year at Coachella by the orange and yellow triangular art installations that […]

Paris Hilton Signs $100,000 DJ Deal

It’s the news dance music fans around the world were dreading – Paris Hilton has signed a DJ deal which will reportedly see her earn around a somewhat ridiculous $100,000 a night. Yes, you read that right. The residency will see her play four gigs at The Pool at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, and, […]

Towel Used by MK Goes For £10,000 on Ebay

  A towel once used by MK has sold for a whopping £10,000 on eBay. That’s right, £10,000. Or £10,100 to be precise. A total of seven bidders laid dosh down on the item, which was placed on the auction site a week ago by a seller called ‘chloemccor’. We can confirm that the towel […]

10 Of The Worst Sets That Happened In 2013

  Generally the things we hear after a show are words like “epic” and “sick”. More often than not we are left basking in the memories of our favorite drop or the surprise transition that made a crowd of people scream “OHHHHH” at the top of their lungs. Most of the time we revel in […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Still Know How To Beatmatch By Ear

In today’s digital age where even CDJs have a sync button, it’s becoming harder for veterans to explain to younger DJs the benefits of learning to beatmatch manually (by ear).  While I do believe that, for better or for worse, beatmatching continues to quickly lose relevance in the DJ realm, that doesn’t mean that I suggest […]

Tommy Trash on how to make it: “Don’t take 10 pills and roll around the club’s floor”

One of the running themes at this year’s EMC was how the ‘Australian sound’ punches above its weight on the worldwide electronic dance music scene. On the second morning of the conference, a group of Australian success stories, among them Tommy Trash, Nick Thayer, the guys from Feenixpawl and teen prodigy Walden (along with Paula […]

All Star Prodcucers Make DJ Mag Top 100 Their Punching Bag

There wasn’t too many surprises following the announcement of DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJ’s list (and not in a good way!). Similarly, there is little surprise that some big name DJ’s and producers took to Twitter to voice their grievances and offer some humourous opinions on the latest poll. The usual cynics have reared […]

The 10 Most Depressing Parts of The New Yorker’s E.D.M. Article Ranked

E.D.M. will be the death of our culture, if molly doesn’t kill us all first. That is what I gathered from “Night Club Royale,” the New Yorker‘s semi-profile of Paris Hilton’s ex, producer/DJ Afrojack, who amused me so when I saw him at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2012, and through whom writer Josh Eells […]

10 Reasons Why DJs Over 40 Control EDM

We’re not blind; hell, we make sure we keep our ears to the street, searching out the new talent that can’t legally buy beer… or even vote in America. When you’re realistic about the EDM scene, especially in America, you have to admit: The older DJs run this shit. The same DJs that were headlining raves […]